How to Do Mobile Marketing Right

More money for mobile marketing media! Say that three times fast. We’re not just making up tongue twisters, though.

Thumbs up to an illustration of mobile contentMarketing Profs reported that according to a study by ZenithOptimedia, the global share of mobile marketing ad spend is expected to shoot up to 11.4 percent (a 6.4 increase over 2014) in the next couple of years.

Although marketers will continue to favor other marketing mediums like TV and desktop Internet, mobile marketing is definitely the fastest growing area of ad spending.

So as you venture deeper into mobile marketing, we’re just going to leave these best practices here. Do with them what you will.  

Keep Millennials in Mind

Some are declaring 2015 the year of the millennial customer, so make sure your marketing accounts for their interests and habits. We’ll give you a few hints:
  • They love technology — especially mobile devices.
  • They’re extremely social. They’re always interacting with other people, whether it’s in person or (more likely) on social media or review sites.
  • They enjoy being a part of community experiences. Brand activity and collaboration will draw them in, but only if they feel they can relate to and trust the brand and its values.
By 2017, millennials are expected to drop about $200 billion into the economy each year. We’ll say this one more time: Don’t forget about millennials.

Cut Down on Clicks

Mobile users don’t want to click more than they have to. Give your conversion rates a helping hand by making it as easy as possible to get in touch with you. You can use click-to-call functionality in your pay-per-click ads and on your website to make it easy for prospects to give you a call. Also make sure your website is responsive so users can easily navigate your site and find what they’re looking for.

Track Online-to-Offline Interactions

When people search for information about a product or service on their phone, it’s only natural that a lot of these searches will result in phone calls. Tracking call conversions is more important than ever.

Whether you use a free tool like Google AdWords’ website call conversion feature or a comprehensive online-to-offline ad tracking solution like ClickPath, you can’t afford not to know where your calls are coming from. (If you’re not sure whether or not to use a call tracking vendor for tracking mobile leads, read this post.)

In the years to come, mobile marketing is only going to grow. Will you be ready?