How to Grill Your Marketing to Perfection This Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and to celebrate 'Merica, we're grilling steaks. Hmm, marketing campaigns are kind of like steaks, aren't they? Everyone prepares them differently, they can be bland or phenomenal, and they take effort to perfect.

Here are a few tips that can take both your marketing campaigns and steaks to the next level.

Gather Your Tools

First things first: You need your tongs, your tray and your grill. Without the right tools, you can't even think about grilling a steak. Marketing is no different. You can't create a campaign if you don't make sure you have the people, budget and software you need ahead of time.

Make sure your team knows about the campaign so they aren't caught off guard when it's time to create it. Set up a meeting to go over the goals of the new campaign and figure out what tools you and your team need. Once you have your team and tools ready to go, you can start brainstorming your campaign.

Let It Marinate

Every master chef knows that without marinade, people are just going to be eating your steak with ketchup because it's too dry. The horror! But the same can be said for your campaign. Once you've brainstormed your campaign idea, let it marinate a little.

A dry campaign won't go very far with your customers. These campaigns are proof of that. Don't launch it before you've added your team's creative juices to it, or it could be a total flop. Once you've come up with the perfect blend, it's time to grill that bad boy.

steaks on a grillThrow It On the Grill

Let's make this deliciousness edible. Some people like their steaks rare and some like them well done. But the pros suggest medium-rare, because it has the most flavor and best texture.

Once your team starts working on the project, make sure they know their boundaries and what you think is best. If it starts to look tasteless, they may have had it for too long. But of course make sure they have enough time with it, or it won't be fully done.

Season It to Taste

The flavors from the juices make your steak mouthwatering, but every grillmaster adds a signature finishing touch once it's off the grill. You have to make the best steak anyone has ever tasted. Something so good that no one will ever want a competing steak again. Do the same with your marketing campaign.

What does your campaign have that a competitor's doesn't? It could be a hidden character, message, color of the month — anything to make it stand out. Spend time on a punch line that's unforgettable. Research color schemes that stand out. Think outside the box with your emails.

Once you've created your perfect campaign, use these tips to get the best bang for your marketing buck.