Google Tricks and Marketing Tips

"Let me Google that for you." This witty retort is heard in countless offices when someone asks an easily searchable question. However, as we know, some people are just better Googlers than others.

Google has many hidden features that those in the know can use to their advantage. But we don't want anyone to feel left out, so we're sharing the coolest ones. Use these Google tricks to your own benefit and teach those snarky Google experts a thing or two.

You may be surprised to learn that these fun features can also teach you a few things about your outreach marketing. Check out the tips below.

Do the Math

Google's calculator
Did you know Google has a calculator? When you have to start counting fingers and toes, it might be easier to type the problem into the Google search bar. This may be a stretch, but we think this means Google wants you to start doing more math. It's not a bad idea, especially for your marketing. Make the most out of your advertisements by crunching a few numbers.

In business, we're always looking for that critical calculation, return on investment, for promotional efforts. Putting a unique toll-free number (TFN) with each marketing endeavor will help you calculate which one is generating the most business. The best advertisements will stand out and the worst ones can be removed quickly. Marketing dollars will go further when you calculate return and invest your money in the right places.

Do Some Tracking

Google lets you track packages and flights simply by searching a tracking number or flight number. This handy trick means you'll always know what's going on with your packages or flights. Unsurprisingly, tracking lets you know what's going on with your marketing, too.

Once you've linked your campaigns with TFNs, you can pinpoint where most of your calls are coming from by looking at a call map. Tracking each call helps you target the locations with the most calls (and therefore highest return), and voilĂ ! The boss is happy, you're happy, customers are happy. Everybody's happy.

Screenshot of the screen barrel rolling Do a Barrel Roll

Type "do a barrel roll" into the Google search bar. Pretty sweet, right? This unique trick got Google some serious press. Your company should aspire to do the same! That is, be unique. We aren't responsible for any barrel roll damages you might incur.

Make your business stand out by using a vanity number. You can incorporate your name, a slogan or any other letter-number combination you can think of, for instance, 855-BRL-ROLL! By catching customers' attention, you'll stick out in their minds, which will in turn bring you more business.

If you aren't already, use these hidden Google features and put our marketing tips into action. Do you know of any more Google tricks? Let us know in the comments!