Three Reasons Companies Still Fork out the Cash for Football Game Ads

The big football game is undoubtedly the most-watched program on television, with each year surpassing the previous. So it should come as no surprise that its commercials come with a multi-milllion-dollar price tag.

Though it attracts a larger audience than any other television event, not everyone watching falls into advertisers' target market. So why invest in it over other mediums? Here are a few reasons businesses still fight for these 30-second slots.

It's a Numbers Game

The more people watching, the higher the likelihood that a commercial will reach it's desired target consumer. Businesses know this, and depend on it when investing big bucks in big game ads. It's basic probability. But it's important not to just make a guesstimate of how many sales you pull in.

By including a link to a unique landing page or toll-free vanity number in your commercial, you can easily calculate ROI. These are two tricks that make your ads memorable, but not in an over-the-top way. While they're impressionable on consumers, they'll be even more impressionable on your marketing team when they prove an ad's ROI.

Creativity Has [Almost] No Limit

Every year there is anticipation for the commercials, because they're the most over-the-top advertisements of the year. A few companies have figured out how to get the most bang for their buck by making teaser trailers for their commercials to really hype up their air time.

Ads range from really funny to pretty strange (why does Arnold Schwarzenegger have long hair and why is he playing ping pong?). But either way, it's a great time to use those corny jokes and weird head-turning ideas that made everyone take notice. While you want to aim for unforgettable, don't go so far as to be undesirable. Ads that are offensive or extremely off-putting will get bad PR in the end.

Shake Your Tail Feather

Sometimes companies just want to prove that they are doing well enough to advertise during the big game. It's estimated that some ads this year may even cost up to $4 million, which is certifiably insane. Some are even saying that's too expensive to see any return on the ads.

Do you think advertising in the Super Bowl is a wise investment? Let us know your thoughts below!