Facebook Just Got More Trendy

While you can casually scroll through your Facebook News Feed and see what the people in your social circle are up to, there's not an easy way for you to identify the majority of interesting topics that are being posted (like you can on Twitter).

But that’s about to change.

Facebook’s new introduction of "Trending" helps you quickly see popular content in the top right corner of your News Feed. Though it’s not yet available on mobile, it’s a good start.

Facebook trending screenshot

Why is this genius? We’ll give you three reasons.

Two women sitting on couch talking over coffeePeople Love to Be in the Know

Being excluded from a conversation because you haven’t watched that one YouTube video that everyone has already seen isn’t fun. And you kind of feel like a hermit crab. So the ability to skip through everyone’s recent baby announcements and quickly glance through the popular posts you actually care about is time-saving gold!

Everyone’s Looking for Great Content

Man speaking to crowd with megaphone
If a video has a few million views, you know that it’s probably worth watching. I mean, everyone else has, right? While everything that's popular isn’t always spectacular, you (along with the rest of the public) have become accustomed to seeking out Twitter posts with multiple retweets, movies that have won People’s Choice Awards, YouTube videos with high views and restaurants with crowded parking lots and long waits. These are all good indicators that a product or service has risen above the norm and caught the attention of the masses.


Facebook’s Algorithm Only Shows You What’s Hot Right Now

The trending topics that will appear on the "Trending" feed are not made up of the largest volume of posts or articles about a particular subject but subjects that are experiencing the greatest spike in mentions. And in case you were wondering, it’s not getting clogged up with "promoted trends," which might change in the future, but for now it’s free advertisement.

Confused because you can’t see the "Trending" topics section yet? No worries. Facebook won’t roll it out until Thursday, and even then it will be in limited countries. Be patient! Your time-saving trend will appear on your Facebook feed soon!