How to Hit a Hole in One with Your Marketing

Golf ball on edge of holeComing fresh off the green from the British Open and the PGA Tour, we've noticed some similarities
between golf and marketing — including the tough stuff. They each require patience, focus and a keen eye. While we can't help you improve your score card, we can help you overcome the following difficulties in your marketing.

Straighten Your Path 

In golf, the fairway to the green is rarely straight. In marketing, the path to a consumer is never straight. There are multiple ways marketers can reach out to their target market, and the problem with this curvy path is that sometimes you can't see which of your marketing shots are most successful.

When reaching out to consumers through multiple channels, it's vital to know which channels are successful and which ones aren't. For example, if your goal is to have people pick up the phone and inquire about your product or service, you can add unique toll-free numbers (TFNs) to each of your campaigns. Then you'll be able to directly correlate each call you receive to the ad that generated it. By tracking the responses you get from your ads, you can determine which ads are ineffective and focus on campaigns that bring in revenue.

Clear Your Obstacles 

Sometimes sand and water traps can be directly in the path of the clearest shot to the hole, forcing you to adjust your swing to prevent getting stuck in a rut. In marketing, these obstacles are similar to the demographics that are not responsive to your campaigns; you must dodge them in order to efficiently spend your budget.

Use a geo-targeting tool to help you determine where these obstacles are so you know which areas to avoid before you implement a marketing plan. By identifying exactly which regions your calls are coming from, you'll know where your marketing efforts have been most successful and therefore which regions to target more heavily. If you target an area that provides little or no return, you can pull out of the region immediately to save money that would otherwise be wasted.

Get Within Sight of Your Target 

To walk away with a successful score, you have to keep track of each stroke, hole by hole, throughout the whole game. In marketing, you have to keep track of each campaign, day by day, across every channel. This is when real-time analytics comes into play.

Let's be honest: Sometimes marketers want results immediately. Consider using a marketing analytics tool that gives you access to real-time data. With campaign information at your fingertips, you'll be able to quickly see if you're reaching your target.

Do you have more tips for hole-in-one marketing? Share them in the comments below!