Why Your Dealership Should Use eNewsletters to Drive Home Its Message

In today’s digital world, consumers are used to instant, customized results, dealerships need a way to quickly drive their message home — so their prospects will drive more vehicles home.

Consumers are looking for vehicles that will meet their respective lifestyles, personal preferences and budgets. It only makes sense that auto dealers would take this into consideration when planning their marketing strategy.

Many dealerships are turning to eNewlsetters. Why? Because email marketing is one of the least expensive marketing avenues, and as the saying goes, content is king. Here are a few examples of how eNewsletters can benefit your dealership.

Steer Customers in the Right Direction (Toward Your Dealership)

First, eNewsletters can increase the likelihood of creating lifetime clients. By contacting customers on a regular basis and providing them with valuable information, you are building connections with them and in turn increasing loyalty. It is cheaper to retain customers than it is to gain new ones, so building and retaining this loyalty is important.

Another benefit to eNewsletters is that they can enhance your reputation and encourage customers to visit your website as well as your store.

Go Green

Just as many consumers are looking for fuel-efficient cars that will be more environmentally friendly and save them money on gas, many dealerships are looking for a solution that will help them get the most bang for their buck.

eNewsletters allow you to reach a large audience with little expenditure, especially in comparison to print newsletters (not to mention that eliminating paper is more eco-friendly). Because eNewsletters are a cost-efficient and effective method of communication, they can increase your lead generation and marketing ROI at a minimal cost.

Fuel Your Audience’s Desires

eNewsletters give you the ability to segment your target market as little or as much as you want, which in turn provides a higher response rate because your audience is more receptive to the newsletter’s content.

In fact, in an eMarketer survey regarding email list segmentation, 39 percent of respondents replied that they experienced increased open rates by segmenting their email list. Furthermore, 24 percent of respondents saw increased revenue and sales leads, 21 percent experienced higher customer retention and 15 percent saw increased customer acquisition. With eNewsletters, you are able to get instantaneous and trackable results.

Find a Chauffeur

If you’re not sure you have the manpower or the resources to handle the upkeep of an eNewsletter, Who’s Calling’s eNewsletter service can take the wheel and do the work for you. The service can deliver a professional, fully managed eNewsletter branded for your dealership. The eNewsletters are packed full of interesting articles and timely promotions to grab your target audience’s attention.

Who’s Calling also helps your dealership segment consumer markets by offering two unique eNewsletter options: one that targets prospects and one that targets customers. When you distribute content relevant to your reader, you invest in prospects and build loyalty with existing customers to increase revenue.

To learn more about how eNewsletters can drive home your marketing messages, visit our site at whoscalling.com/eNewsletter.