[INFOGRAPHIC] The Importance of Dealership Call Handling

It’s a question as old as time: How well does your dealership handle calls?

OK, so maybe it isn’t as old as time. But it should be. If you can’t answer that question, you might need to refer back to our quiz about how dealerships handled calls overall in 2018. To give you an idea of just how important call handling is, we’ve compiled some statistics in the infographic below.

Call handling statistics

If your dealership reflects these statistics, use these tips to kick your call handling up a notch.

[QUIZ] How Well Did Dealerships Handle Calls in 2018?

Would you believe us if we said you might be losing 15 percent of your dealership’s potential business solely to poor phone skills? According to our internal research, over 30,000 dealership calls were mishandled in 2018 alone.

team taking phone callsAs part of our RESCUE service, our call evaluation professionals reviewed nearly 223,000 calls to dealerships’ parts, service and sales departments last year. The specialists flagged any mishandled calls and notified personnel within each dealership so they could recover a lost sale or rectify a mishandled situation with a customer.

Take our quiz below to see if you can guess which department fared the best and which needs a tune-up. (Is that a hint? We’ll never tell!)

     1. Which department receives the most phone calls over all?
               a. Sales
               b. Service
               c. Parts

     2. What department had the lowest percentage of mishandled calls that needed to be rescued (1.2 percent)?
               a. Sales
               b. Service
               c. Parts

     3. Which department had the highest percentage of mishandled calls that needed to be rescued?
               a. Sales
               b. Service
               c. Parts

     4. What percentage of sales calls were mishandled and needed to be rescued?
               a. 7 percent
               b. 35 percent
               c. 15 percent

     5. What month had the worst call-handling skills in sales and service?
               a. August
               b. November
               c. January

Time to check your knowledge! The correct answers were: b, c, a, b, c. Pretty shocking, right?

Sales departments took fewer calls than either parts or service departments. However, sales had more rescued calls than parts and service combined, with a rescued call percentage of a whopping 35 percent (compared to 1.2 percent in parts and 11.6 percent in service). This tells us that sales representatives need the most call training and monitoring.

We also learned that post-holiday blues hit hard in sales and service, with January having the highest percentage of rescued calls in those two departments. Parts employees, on the other hand, are call handling pros all year round.

This year, pay close attention to how your employees handle calls — especially in the sales department. After all, you can’t fix a problem you don’t know about. For some tips on better handling phone calls, check out this post!