Are You Complying With the DNC Registry?

In 2016, there were a whopping 226 million active registrations with the National Do Not Call (DNC) registry. That's millions of people who are desperate to avoid telemarketing calls!

When it comes to the DNC registry, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) doesn't play around. In 2017, it successfully went after Dish Network for calling millions of people on the registry, resulting in a $168 million penalty.

If you make sales calls daily at your business, it's crucial that you avoid calling anyone on the DNC registry. What can you do to help your company avoid the costly consequences of calling people who don't want to be called?

Do Not Call or Do Not Care?

Like most businesses, you're constantly trying to grow your database of prospects, right? After all, you have to have prospects to get more customers. Unfortunately, many companies are taking a quantity over quality approach. The FTC reports that some businesses will try to get around the DNC list by purchasing "lists of customers' phone numbers from companies that falsely claim those customers had given written consent to get sales calls." It's evident that these businesses do know about the DNC list they just don't care about abiding by it.

How did you get the phone numbers for the contacts on your prospect list? Did they openly share their information with you via a phone call, tradeshow, landing page form, marketing event, etc.? If so, you have no need to worry. Calling people that have given you permission to do so is completely legal. But are you absolutely sure you don't have numbers from the DNC registry in your database?

Automatically Scan Calls Against the DNC List

Calling potential prospects without a reliable method for cross-referencing them against the DNC registry is like playing a game of Minesweeper. Sure, there might be some strategy behind it, but for the most part, you're aimlessly clicking buttons and hoping you don't hit a mine to end the game.

What if there were a way to call prospects and gain new customers without the hidden mines? Oh wait, there is! Some call tracking solutions are capable of automatically scanning numbers against the DNC registry. Just catching a flag on one call could save your business $40,654 in fines!

Interested in knowing more about the Do Not Call list? Check out the infographic "The History of the Do Not Call List" for an overview.