Don't Let Lost Leads Haunt You This Halloween

Spooky Halloween hands
The most frightening time of the year is upon us as miniature witches, ghosts, goblins and Captain Americas march up and down the streets demanding free candy. You guessed it — Halloween! Although Halloween has turned into a lighthearted holiday involving pumpkin carving, Disney movies and an excuse to wear funny costumes, it once created a frightening chill in the air, causing even adults to feel a hint of anxiousness.

These days, that anxious feeling is rampant across businesses. A startling 79 percent of marketing leads never convert into sales. Spooky, right? While that chilling realization can make even the best companies get goosebumps, below are a couple ideas that can steer your marketing efforts in the right direction.


Every year, suburban families plot out the best routes for their Halloween trips around a conveniently located cul-de-sac. One ingenious person even rolled out an app called Nextdoor, which safely allows neighbors to identify who is passing out candy. Tracking Halloween routes can save families valuable time avoiding blocked traffic routes and lost candy opportunities.

If we get that into planning Halloween, why don't we plan out our marketing that well? Inbound call tracking can help you collect demographic information about your callers, learn what regions are your biggest markets and identify which of your marketing campaigns are working. If that doesn't help you map out the best route for your marketing, we don't know what will.

Make Navigating Creepily Intuitive

With over 41 million children going through neighborhoods on Halloween, you have to make your house stand out to draw in more trick-or-treaters. What sets your house apart from your neighbors' houses? Did you buy the jumbo pack of candy that all the kids love, or does your house have a Halloween inflatable that the entire neighborhood is raving about?

Setting your house apart on Halloween is one thing — setting apart your business on a daily basis is a whole different beast. The decision simplicity index is a gauge of how easily customers can access information about a specific business, which is one of the main ways to differentiate your brand.

How can you improve ease of access? Have family members or friends look at your website to see how easily they could find information as if they were customers. Offline, consider implementing intelligent routing options so callers can get straight to the department they're looking for. You can also implement mnemonic or repetitive telephone numbers that are easier for customers to remember and connect to.

To keep your customers and your sales team from going batty with frustration, consider utilizing these tools. Do you use any other tactics to convert leads? Let us know in the comments!