What Does Your Favorite Vacation Say About Your Marketing Style?

It's always summer-weather somewhere, and we've been thinking about vacations here in the office. However, it seems the “perfect vacation” varies from person to person; some people love the beach, while others prefer a hike in the mountains. 

Crystal blue seaThis got us thinking about how some vacation choices actually resemble some common marketing strategies. What does your perfect vacation say about your marketing strategy? 

An Adventure on a Budget

If you love an affordable, adrenaline-filled vacation like visiting Teton Range in Wyoming or the Sierra Nevada in California, you’re an adaptable risk taker. You use your vacation as an opportunity to seek beautiful views, chase an adrenaline rush or find a waterfall at the end of a tough climb. Every decision on your trip is focused on accomplishing something unforgettable.

These tendencies match what is used in the marketing strategy known as growth hacking. Growth hacking requires making informed but risky decisions based on marketing research. Like choosing to enjoy a hiking trail rather than spend a big chunk of change at a resort, growth hacking uses low-cost alternatives to traditional media to achieve growth. Its creative affordability makes it a popular method among startups with tight marketing budgets.

Traditional With a Personal Touch 

If a mountain trek doesn’t pique (or shall we say "peak"?) your interest, perhaps you’re among the many loyal fans of Disney World Resort. Despite being a common (and insanely crowded) choice, Disney World makes you feel like you’re personally cared for by offering exceptional service, personalized name badges and trip suggestions based on your family’s preferences. The relationship Disney World builds with its customers is a lead reason for the 70 percent return rate of first-time Disney visitors.

Similar to the personal touches Disney World presents, networking events give your business the opportunity to form lasting relationships with customers. Industry trade shows attract your target market and allow your business to meet with potential customers face to face. These events are an opportunity to identify market trends and gain knowledge of competitors in the market.

A Little Bit of Everything

For the family who needs a versatile vacation that can satisfy the adventure seekers as well as those desiring personalized treatment, a cruise is the usual choice. Cruises have the ability to adapt to the needs of the guests by offering various excursions that appeal to different tastes, like shopping in a local village or rappelling into a cave. The integrated benefits of a cruise make it the perfect vacation for a family that wants it all.

If you appreciate the adaptability of a cruise, you may prefer an integrated marketing strategy as well. You can integrate several techniques such as growth hacking, networking events and search engine optimization so your company will appeal to its target market in a variety of ways. Leveraging the advantages of various marketing strategies also enhances your inbound marketing, attracting customers with meaningful website content and personal relationships. 

Whether or not a cruise suits your fancy, an integrated marketing strategy that uses several strong methods to deliver a well-rounded marketing approach can generate qualified leads and strengthen customer relationships.

Which vacation style matches your marketing approach? 

Shark Week: Chomp Down on These Marketing Tips!

What was that? You think there’s a more action-packed, informative and wildly fascinating week of nonstop entertainment on TV? Bull Shark! Just as sharks are the apex predators of the ocean, Shark Week is the apex Primetime event of the year.

Great White sharkThis is the one week out of the year when every ordinary couch dweller can be a marine biologist; it’s the week that even the most ocean-fearing viewers can turn into total shark fin-atics.

Our favorite week is back on Discovery Channel — this time earlier than ever — and we couldn’t be more excited.

Needless to say, this week’s frenzy of shark facts got us thinking about a few tips that will launch your marketing out of the water.

Streamline Your Approach

Sharks are, without a doubt, the most superior predator of the sea (ask any of the seals on Seal Island. RIP). They have the ability to propel their massive, two-ton bodies upwards of 30 mph through the water, making them near-perfect hunting specimens. How do they generate such impressive feats of speed and raw power? Their streamlined bodies help them glide through the water with minimal resistance, allowing them to torpedo towards their prey.

Likewise, streamlining your marketing activities is essential to improving your ROI. In doing so, it’s important to gauge the success of each of your marketing campaigns so you can limit the ones that prevent you from reaching your marketing objectives. Tracking customer response rates is an effective way to monitor which campaigns are producing the best results and which are just taking a bite out of your budget.

Adapt for Success

To increase their success rate when hunting their favorite prey, Great Whites have adapted their tactics significantly. Since seals can change directions in the water faster than sharks can, the sharks learned to use their strengths (straight-line speed and power) to surprise the seals from below. To fin-ish off the incredible display, the sharks launch their entire bodies out of the water to stun both their prey and every Discovery Channel viewer.

Similar to how quickly seals change directions in the water, markets and industries are ever changing. As a marketer, your target audience may stay the same over time, but using the same approach won’t always remain effective. Specifically, in today’s digitally driven world, social media and digital advertising have replaced the likes of newspapers and print media as the most popular forms of advertising. With 2.55 billion social media users projected in 2017, your company should adapt to the changes to increase its success.

Use All Your Resources

To add to the seemingly endless array of striking shark facts, sharks have not five (like humans)… not six… but seven senses. We don’t know how M. Night Shyamalan — writer and director of “The Sixth Sense” — didn’t see the potential for an epic sequel featuring sharks. We digress.

Sharks use each of their seven senses when hunting prey. With the ability to sense electrical pulses and both vibrations and changes in underwater pressure (in addition to our five human senses), sharks are some of the most resourceful predators in the ocean. No wonder they're at the top of the food chain!

Just as sharks use all their senses when hunting, we encourage you to use as many resources as possible to adapt your marketing strategy and give your company a competitive advantage. From online-to-offline analytics to trackable phone numbers to mobile marketing solutions, the list of marketing tools available to you is limitless. By maximizing these resources, you can ensure that your business stays on top of the corporate food chain.

Do you have any more jawsome marketing tips? We want to hear! Tweet your responses to @whoscalling and don’t forget to mention @Discovery and #SharkWeek!