What 'Finding Dory' Can Teach Us About Improving Sales and Marketing

Dory speaks to an octopus
Image courtesy Pixar
Grab some tissues and get ready to experience a whirlpool of emotions when you see "Finding Dory" (don't worry, this post is spoiler free).

Whether you're a 10-year-old kid or an experienced marketing manager, we hope you're as excited as we are to watch Dory's unforgettable journey — that she'll probably forget.

Not only does "Finding Dory" promise to be as epic as "Finding Nemo," it also seems to contain a few pearls of sales and marketing wisdom. Pay attention (and maybe take notes), because we don't want you to forget these helpful tips.

Look For the Ones You Lose

"Finding Dory" follows Dory's journey to find her family, but with her poor memory, it seems as impossible a task as searching for customers who get lost in the blur of busy phone lines. Dory might be pretty helpless without her memory, but finding a customer who hung up due to a busy line is even harder (you can't have memories of someone you haven't talked to).

Since 72 percent of first-time callers who hang up won't call you back, it's important for your sales team to be able to call them back as soon as possible. Call tracking software should be able to notify you of missed calls so you can keep those potential leads from getting swept away in the current. A missed call notification system should capture a caller's information — whether the call goes unanswered, receives a busy signal, or occurs after hours — and alert your sales reps that they need to follow up with the caller.

Remember That Your Memory Isn't Perfect

Dory's memory is laughable until you forget something important from a sales call at work and you totally relate to her pain. No matter how great of a memory you have, the workday is full of conversations and distractions. Relying on your memory for critical sales calls is a risky move. A program that records calls would help you with those "Dory moments" when you can't remember the details of a call.

Recording incoming and outgoing calls improves employee productivity and accountability. Information gained from reviewing calls can also be used to find lost sales opportunities or to personalize training for individual employees. Targeted training will help your employees more effectively communicate with customers over the phone and improve customer satisfaction.

Don't Forget to Keep Track of Important Info

Dory needs a ton of help finding her family, and not just because she doesn't know where to go. In one of the trailers (which you can watch here) Dory is seen "sleep-swimming." Marlin and Nemo have to keep track of Dory when she's awake — just in case she forgets where she's going — and when she's asleep, so she doesn't sleep-swim into some trouble.

Keeping track of Dory at all hours is a bit like tracking online-to-offline conversions. With technology these days, it's easy to track online prospects because they practically happen in real time. But what happens when those online visitors call a phone number on your website (as they are likely to do)? Do you attribute the phone lead to your website or does it go much deeper than that?

Pay-per-click (PPC) call tracking makes it possible to track a customer's online and offline activity together, measuring how effectively certain keywords and digital ads generate calls. Tracking your customers' journeys is important for understanding how to best serve them and helps you make decisions about which digital marketing campaigns are successful.

Are you as forgetful as Dory when it comes to lead data? Let us know in the comments how you keep everything in your sales and marketing departments swimming in the right direction!