Marketing Strategies We’ve Learned From Meredith Grey

Meredith Grey from the popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy offers several blunt truths about life, most of which she concludes after a series of trials and errors, much like marketing.

Meredith Grey
Image courtesy ABC 
Meredith goes through quite a few traumatic events (we’d give examples, but we don’t want to give away any spoilers) and comes to realize that making mistakes is often essential to finding a strategy that works when dealing with difficulty.

As marketers, we make mistakes. But Meredith offers us ways to not only improve our outlook on those mistakes, but also ways to prevent them from happening again. Here are a few marketing tips we can take from Meredith.

Find “Your Person”

As defined by Meredith Grey, “your person” is someone you’re connected with and committed to — in her case, her best friend Christina Yang. We’re not saying you should become best friends with your clients, but there is a way to connect with them and commit to them from a marketing standpoint.

Find your person — er, your lost customers — by using a call monitoring service. A professionally trained staff will review your call recordings to identify mishandled calls that result in a lost customer. They’ll then notify you of the missed opportunity so you can call back the customer and recover the sale.

Learn from Mistakes

If anyone knows a thing or two about making mistakes, it’s Meredith Grey. A typical phrase fans may say when watching an episode is “Why, Meredith?” Marketing is the same way. You may often find yourself asking, “why?” when you or your staff makes a mistake, but those mistakes can teach you valuable lessons about customer service.

By recording incoming and outgoing calls from your business, you can improve staff accountability and find training opportunities to ensure those pesky mistakes don’t happen again. Call recording enables you to uncover training opportunities and be quickly notified of calls that need attention.

Know When to Let Go 

Meredith learns a lot about letting go over 11 seasons. From people dying to people walking out of her life (no spoilers, as promised), she becomes acclimated to setting things she loves free. If one of your beloved marketing campaigns isn’t pulling in leads anymore, it’s likely outdated and needs to be let go.

To determine which marketing campaigns aren’t working for you anymore, you can assign a unique toll-free number (TFN) to each campaign. With the help of an inbound lead tracker you can record how many phone calls each campaign yields. Once you’ve decided which campaigns you’re in a love-hate relationship with, you can redistribute your budget to commit to the ones that love you back.

What are some of your favorite Meredith Grey marketing tips? Let us know in the comments.