Three Great Marketing Tips from These Ads for the Big Game

It's easy to see why marketing teams put so much effort into their commercials for the biggest football game every year. After all, you have millions of eyes watching, and many of them care more about the commercials than they do the game.

From humorous to emotional to just plain weird — Puppymonkeybaby anyone? — this year's commercials had a little bit of everything. Here are some of our favorite ads from the big game and what we can learn from them.

Pantene's Heartwarming Dad-'Dos

Girl rocking her Dad-'Do
Image courtesy YouTube

Football players are tough, but that doesn't mean those big, burly athletes can't give their daughters precious hairdos. Pantene rounded up several NFL players to show off their "Dad-'Do" skills — that is, how they do their daughters' hair — and to send a deeper message about the importance of being a good father.

Pantene didn't directly feature its products in the ad, but instead focused on the message "Strong Is Beautiful" and directed viewers to its YouTube channel to see separate videos of each dad. This approach makes the company's ad more memorable because it focuses on the message rather than one of thousands of hair care products. Using a strong, emotional message in your campaigns can get more attention than generic product advertisements.

Amazon Crashes Alec Baldwin's Party

Dan Marino, Alec Baldwin and Missy Elliott walk through a house party
Image courtesy YouTube

Who knew Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino was such a rude party guest? Well that's nothing Alec Baldwin's Amazon Echo can't handle. The voice-activated device helped Marino and Baldwin take jabs at each other's career and helped rapper Missy Elliott "release" a new song during Amazon's first-ever big game commercial.

Amazon made its big game debut memorable with Baldwin's star-studded party, but it's really aiming to shake up the way people live with its new device. If you're bringing something new to the market — something that will change the way people operate on a day-to-day basis — you have to really get your audience's attention. Seeing Jason Schwartzman lob an empanada at Marino got our attention. And had us rolling on the floor.

Heinz Gets Cute With Stampeding Hot Dogs

Dachshund dressed as a hot dog
Image courtesy Heinz

Did you think we forgot about the dogs? We LOVE dog commercials. Though Budweiser didn't bring back those adorable puppies from years past, Heinz gave us some puppies that ranked high up on the cuteness scale. How can you forget the image of a herd of Dachshunds dressed as hot dogs galloping through a field?

These hot dogs were so adorable and memorable that the commercial was ranked the second-best big game ad by USA Today readers. It might not have been a tear-jerker like Budweiser's recent puppy commercials, but it still elicited a mass "awww" from us. However we know this cuteness might not be for everyone. When it comes to planning your campaigns, be sure you know what emotions you want to evoke and that your audience will respond favorably. Otherwise a cute ad for a serious product could fall flat.

What were your favorite commercials? Let us know in the comments.