How to Be Prepared for Missed Holiday Calls

Office phone
Christmas is quickly approaching, and we know what's haunting your dreams. Well, aside from a dry turkey and your visiting in-laws. No, what's really keeping you up at night is the thought of a telephone ringing in an empty office. Is it a disgruntled customer? Is it a new lead? Will they call back when you reopen on Monday?

The holidays can be a hectic time for anybody but don't let the activity on your phones be a  distraction as you spend time with friends and family. Here are a couple tips for helping you rest easy so you can enjoy the holiday.

Know How to Respond (When You Get Back)

We get it. It's Christmas Day. You just got the fire lit. Cousin Jimmy is anxious to relive his Southwest Tech State glory days playing football in the backyard. Why would you want to be worried about work when you could be enjoying the time off? Having a call tracking software can help you rest easy while you're home.

If you want to wait to respond to that ringing phone when you're open for business again, be sure you use a call tracking software that allows you to easily manage missed and after-hours calls. The software should catch caller information, letting you know what number they dialed and if they're an existing customer. This way when you return, you can quickly manage the missed calls your company received while it was closed.

If You Can't Wait, There's an App for That

If playing football with way-too-excited-to-tackle-family-members Jimmy has you reaching for your smartphone, you can do more than play Candy Crush while you're hiding out in the back room. Your call tracking software should have a mobile app that gives you all the same features on the go that you would have at the desk.

The mobile app should give you the ability to manage missed and after-hours calls right from your smartphone. Looking at the info captured from a missed call can help you understand what kinds of calls are coming in during the holiday break and help you prioritize the various calls. If you really want to be able to respond on the fly, have your office's calls redirect to your smartphone. Then you won't be playing catch up on Monday.

Now we know Jimmy is probably still begging you to go play football in the backyard. If you need some marketing-centric tips on a good football strategy, check out our post "What the Gridiron Can Teach Us About Marketing."