[INFOGRAPHIC] The State of the Internet 2015: Content Marketing

Remember back in the day when the world was shifting to flat, widescreen TVs? All of the shows had to be stretched to fit the screen from their prior days on square, boxy TVs. These days marketers are experiencing a similar adjustment.

Five short years ago, all video viewing was done on big screens. But today, 29 percent of video viewing is done on a mobile device — and that number's only getting higher. We marketers have to change our video recording methods and sizing to keep up with the trends and stay relevant. That's just one of the few 2015 content trends found by MDG Advertising. Check out MDG's infographic below for a few more developments.

The State of the Internet 2015: Content Trends [Infographic]

Once you've figured out how to approach these trends, you need a content marketing strategy. Check out this post to find out how "The Lego Movie" inspired our content marketing!