What the Gridiron Can Teach Us About Marketing

Football is coming!

OK, maybe it's just that the NFL preseason and college football are still a few weeks away, but can you blame us for getting excited? Big plays, big hits and big sodas (or adult beverages, if you're into that) are just a few of the things that make watching the boys on the gridiron great.

The NFL is a marketer's dream, so where better to look for tips on how to boost your marketing than football? Here are some things we can learn from the gridiron that will keep your marketing campaigns from deflating.

football player

Find the Gaps

Whether you're a linebacker blitzing to sack the quarterback, a running back looking for a hole in the defense to break a big run, or a quarterback finding an opening in the secondary for a receiver to make a clean catch, finding gaps is a fundamental aspect of football.

The same applies to your marketing. Whether it's an audience you haven't thought to target yet or a campaign that isn't performing well, you have to find the areas in your marketing where you can best take advantage of the situation and break away for a touchdown.

Hit Your Targets

The quarterbacks we watch on Sundays make it look easy as they launch footballs over defenders and perfectly into a receiver's hands. But the fact is, it takes years and years of practice and honing of skills to get that good. That's not to mention having the ability to read what the defense is doing, to know where the receivers are going to be in relation to the defenders and to make a split-second decision to throw to the receiver that's best positioned to make a great play.

Just as quarterbacks have to put the ball where it needs to be, you have to hit your targets when it comes to campaigns. Putting together a big campaign that falls incomplete can put your marketing team in a tough fourth-down situation. When you're preparing a new campaign, know your target audience and make sure your message will land right in their outstretched hands.

Play Hard to the End

We see it almost every weekend. There's always that one team that squeaks out a victory in the final minutes. It's even more amazing when that team has had to make up a sizable deficit. Coming back for a last-minute victory takes the right attitude. Teams have to play hard to the end not only to have a chance to win but also to avoid being the team that loses in the final seconds.

Even when things aren't looking good — a campaign is off to a rough start, you don't quite understand your target audience, you're new to the market — sometimes all it takes is a never-quit attitude to make a campaign a success. This applies also to campaigns that are doing well already. Don't slack off and let your campaign go from a first-half blowout to a second-half disaster.

Football might be just starting up for the year, but we're hitting the final stretch of baseball with playoffs around the corner. If your marketing team is looking for a call tracking program and baseball is more your speed, read our post "Hit a Homerun With Your Call Tracking Program."