Look to the Stars to Boost Your Marketing

Moon footprint
When Neil Armstrong took one small step on the moon on July 20, 1969, marketers everywhere had already taken a giant leap at trying to  capitalize on the era's space craze. From all-purpose cleaners to cars, companies couldn't resist tying their products to astronauts, rocket ships and the cosmos.

While the volume of astronomical advertising has waned over the years, the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon got us thinking about some of the more recent space-themed marketing campaigns that reignited our interest.

Angry Birds FROM SPACE

You already know we're big fans of Angry Birds, and we fell in love with it all over again in 2012 when Rovio Entertainment announced a space-themed sequel by way of a video broadcast from the International Space Station (ISS). During the broadcast, flight engineer Don Pettit used the new Angry Birds Space game to explain the physics of space and demonstrate the effects of zero gravity with a plush Angry Birds toy and an improvised catapult.

The campaign highlighted the interaction between NASA engineers and Rovio to make the space physics of the game as realistic as possible. The video from the ISS was a unique way to announce the game and definitely got every excited for the game's sequel.

Houston, the Cadillac Has Landed

Only 12 men have ever stepped foot on the moon, starting with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, but how would you like to get there in your car? Cadillac aimed to spark imaginations with its moon commercial for the 2014 CTS in which the car is heading toward a shockingly large moon on the horizon. As vintage radio transmissions play in the background, the child in the backseat imagines the Cadillac as a spaceship on its way to the moon.

Cadillac hit all the right notes with the child in all of us. Many of us grew up playing with toy space shuttles and Apollo rockets and have been patiently waiting for an easier way to get to the moon. While the CTS might not be up to the task in reality, the commercial gave our imaginations a boost. If only space travel were as simple.

Kia Answers Age-Old Question

Did you know babies come from space? And not just human babies — adorable elephant babies, tiger cubs and puppies too! We didn't know that until Kia brought us the far-off planet of Babylandia in a commercial for the 2013 Sorento. In the commercial, a bewildered father tries to explain to his young son where babies come from and paints a pretty amazing picture of Babylandia.

Space has long captured the imagination of humans. Obviously babies don't come from space, but this commercial is all about letting your imagination run wild. The quest to discover what's out there has driven space exploration from the get-go. Kia makes us want to explore the planets and discover the unknown. Plus, who doesn't love seeing adorable critters in space suits?

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