How Archery Can Help You Hit a Bull's Eye in Marketing

Archery target
In marketing we talk about knowing your target market all the time. But do your campaigns hit the bull's eye every time? In professional archery the difference between first and second place at a tournament can come down to a few centimeters, and like marketing, it's not as easy as it looks to make the perfect shot every time.

Archery experienced a surge in popularity with appearances in movies such as "The Hunger Games" and "Brave" getting new generations interested. But as many young archers have learned in recent years, the sport can be difficult to master. Here are a few tips you can take from archery to help you hit the bull's eye on your target market.

Maintain Your Focus

With the arrow drawn and the target in your sights, you goal shouldn't be to fire off as many arrows as possible. It takes an intense level of focus to clear your mind and dedicate everything toward making the perfect shot every time you draw. It can take several seconds or even minutes for professionals to feel ready to shoot an arrow.

Similarly, you don't want to fire off campaign after campaign with little consideration. If you do, your message and brand can get lost in a volley of ads that aren't hitting your intended target market. It's a good practice to create a marketing strategy that maintains a consistent focus and helps you win over consumers.

Build up Your Strength

Archery doesn't use traditional muscles, and this is never more apparent than when you're attempting to draw a high-poundage compound bow for the first time. It takes practice, practice and more practice to build up the strength in your back and shoulders to be able to draw consistently and hold the bow steadily enough to make a good shot.

In marketing it takes time to build a brand. You can't expect to have the brand recognition of Apple or LEGO right from the start. It takes hard work and, much like archery, lots of practice to build your brand's strength. You have to stretch and build up your marketing muscles before you can expect to have a household name.

Learn from the Pros

Never feel like you're too good to take some advice from a more experienced archer. As we've already pointed out, the very nature of archery is that it takes practice and patience to become a master. Who better to get advice from than a professional?

Even if you're not learning directly from the masters of marketing, there are a few things you can pick up from looking at the marketing successes and failures of the past. Sometimes it's good to be edgy, but other times that approach can fall flat. Look at campaigns that share your audience to learn what works and what doesn't so you don't end up missing the target.

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