[INFOGRAPHIC] 2015 Social Media Marketing Trends

With over half of Americans on a platform of social media today, it seems like the best way for companies to reach consumers is to tweet, post and snap their way into their hearts.

But social media marketing is about more than just posting a witty comment or a cat meme everyday. To make sure you're doing what you need to get noticed online, take a look at the trends JSH&A is predicting for this year.

For more social media marketing tips, check out this infographic.

What We Can Learn from Football Ad Marketing Strategies

Budweiser puppy and Clydesdale
Photo courtesy of Anheuser-Busch
This year the big football game advertisers really stepped it up. They made us cry, laugh and scratch our heads — and it worked.

Let's take a look at each of these companies' ads to see what they're doing right.

Budweiser's Lost Puppy

For the third year in a row, Budweiser created a tear-jerking commercial complete with an adorable puppy and fiercely protective Clydesdales. Now when I say these commercials are tear-jerkers, I mean I’ve seen them make grown men shed tears.

We marketers call this emotional marketing. By consistently depicting a super sweet puppy-horse friendship, Budweiser is essentially conditioning you to feel all mushy inside when you think of their brand. You can do the same: Create a campaign that's meant to evoke an emotion you want your brand to be associated with. You'll reel in prospects and create a positive perception of your brand.

Snickers' Brady Bunch Takeover

Everyone loved The Brady Bunch, especially when it involved Marcia's teenage drama. Snickers capitalized on this big time by exaggerating her teen angst and digitally inserting an angry Danny Trejo into a classic scene to use their tagline, "Eat a Snickers."

Snickers has been using this campaign for several years, but never with this level of creativity. More than the novelty of the Brady Bunch itself, Snickers impressed viewers with its editing and enhancement skills. Take it from Snickers: if you want to impress your audience, you have to do something they've never seen before.

BMW's Blast From the Past

When BMW decided to open their commercial with a clip from The Today Show from the 1990s, it had everyone a little confused. How could Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel not understand what the Internet is? It's the most popular thing we use!

BMW related the introduction of the Internet in the '90s to their new wind-powered cars. The idea is that nobody understands how it works right now, but eventually it'll be the norm. If you can approach your campaigns with the same humor and confidence, your audience will recognize it and perceive your brand as innovative (and funny, of course).

Which of these tactics do you like best? Let us know in the comments!