Save the Giblets This Thanksgiving

We already learned from Phil’s-osophy that Julia Childs always saved the giblets, and we touched on the fact that you should save them, too. After all, you can’t make giblet gravy without giblets, can you? Anyway, we’re not here to talk about turkey giblets, but rather the giblets of your brainstorming sessions. Not sure what we mean? Allow us to explain…

turkey and gravyBrainstorming for a marketing campaign is like prepping a turkey. You end up with one final product, but there are inevitably parts that are taken out, added in or thrown in the trash. Like the giblets! You take them out because they’re not necessary for the turkey, but they are necessary for the giblet gravy. If you throw away the giblets, you won’t have any gravy — and that’s a straight up travesty.

When your team gathers ‘round the conference table to brainstorm for a new campaign, don’t toss out ideas just because they’re not what you’re looking for. You may not need them for this campaign, but you should write them down and save them, because they might make some pretty good gravy later on.

But be careful not to save too many giblets… If your new social media intern suggests you use “Happy Twerky Day” in your Thanksgiving campaign, you can confidently throw that in the trash immediately.

So what do you think? Will you be saving any marketing giblets this year?