Our Favorite Halloween Print Ads

We’ve already talked about some of the best Halloween ads of 2013, but this year we’ve seen even more eye-catching ads. Whether creepy, funny or downright scary, these ads capitalize on the hype surrounding Halloween and teach marketers some valuable advertising lessons.

Sharpie Halloween ad

Sharpies In Disguise

Not only does this ad feature Sharpie permanent markers adorably dressed up with other pen caps as “masks,” but it also gives Sharpie a chance to remind consumers of the array of products it offers.

One marker is wearing a cap from a Sharpie highlighter while another is wearing a Sharpie pen cap. This Halloween ad makes readers laugh and reinforces brand recognition.

Maglite Under Eyes

Maglite Halloween ad

This ad highlights the product while celebrating the spookiness of the holiday. Scary stories are closely associated with Halloween, and what better way to tell a scary story than with a flashlight under your face? Who doesn’t love that creepy, skull-ish look?

Although it’s probably not a flashlight’s intended use, Maglite's cheeky acknowledgement of the product’s potential encourages everyone to get a little spooky for Halloween and gets Maglite’s name consumers to remind them that flashlights have brands, too.

Transportation That Flies

STP Halloween adThis ad isn’t directly selling a product, and yet it still stands out among Halloween ads. The STP Motor Oil ad cleverly features a witch’s broom left in a parking spot with some oil on the pavement.

This ad is all about celebrating Halloween. The company logo only takes up a small corner of the ad, rather than being the center of attention. This season of advertising is all about standing out and entertaining audiences. If your company can achieve that, you can live in your customers’ minds forever.

This Halloween, whether you’re spooky, humorous or clever, participate in the seasonal marketing to stick out in consumers’ minds.