Lessons From a Bad Customer Service Experience

Frustrated and confused customer on phoneSome companies aren't kidding when they say they'll go to any length to retain a customer. But unfortunately, as one former Comcast customer found out, that might not always be a good thing.

The recording he made of a customer service call gone horribly wrong has become an Internet sensation. It's quickly becoming the rallying point for the common man, downtrodden by poor customer service for far too long! OK, so maybe it wasn't that significant, but it did leave Comcast with a PR mess to clean up.

Many growing, midsized businesses may fall victim to similar problems thanks to an underfunded and overworked customer service department. To avoid situations like the one described above, you might need to make a few adjustments to your customer service.

Train Employees Thoroughly

When a business starts growing, the work can become a lot faster paced. Resources may be put towards further expansion and in turn push customer service training to the back burner. It can happy to any company! Efficient solutions are needed to correct this problem while allowing growth to continue.

Call recording systems can be helpful if this starts to happen in your company. Recording your phone calls gives you both good and bad examples of customer service calls to use for training purposes. All your new employees can be trained quickly with real-life examples rather than boring training documents. This scalable process will grow alongside your business and assist you in providing top-notch training.

Listen to Customers

One of the biggest mistakes the Comcast representative made was that he refused to actually listen to the customer. He just said the same thing over and over again. After the 29th time repeating something, you’re probably not going to change the customer’s mind. 

The number one way to create a respectable business is to constantly ask yourself how you can best serve the customer. The only way to find the answer is by listening to each and every complaint carefully. Customer service representatives must be patient enough to hear the client without interrupting, assess the situation and provide a response that fits, rather than launching into a pre-determined script before the customer says one sentence.

Don't Over-emphasize Sales

When a business is just starting out, sales are the priority. After all, if no one buys the product, the risk of failure is pretty high. But when a company starts to become more established, an over-emphasis on sales can actually hurt if it means poor customer service is delivered. The trick is to increase the amount of new customers without losing the ones you already have.

You need to put emphasis on building relationships with your current customers. One way to do this is to use a call management tool that allows you to take notes during phone calls with customers, right beside their personal information. This will help your customer service reps deliver a personal message and make your customers feel valued. 

Follow these tips to avoid a PR nightmare, but just in case the need arises, keep these tips in your back pocket to deal with social media gone amok.