Do Your Customers Want Automated Phone Menus or Real People?

Businessman-in-a-BoxWell, hello there! Welcome to our blog. Would you like to continue reading?

If yes, press 1. If not, press 2.

OK, so you’re probably asking, "Wait. What’s going on? Am I on the phone right now?"

That, dear reader, er… caller (just go with it), is an example of a scenario in which a simple question can be answered without ever having to speak to a human.

And when these scenarios come up, your customers don’t always want to pick up the phone and talk to a real person to figure out the answer to their simple question, like how much they’re being billed for the 100-count Businessman-in-a-Box order they submitted.

That’s where interactive voice response (IVR) menus come in. Customers get answers quickly, your agents are free to do other things, and everyone’s happy.

But sometimes your customers’ situations aren’t quite so straightforward. Let’s say Michael Scott fat fingers his order without realizing it. When 100,000 businessmen in boxes show up in his office, he’s going to have a few questions — and IVR isn’t going to be much help. In that scenario, Mr. Scott is going to want to talk to a real person.

The question is, when should you use IVR and when should you live agents?

We’ve got an answer for you. Just download our white paper "IVR or Live Agent?"