Simplify Your Work Life With Speech Recognition

Is your work life overly complex? Are you putting in too many hours at the office doing tasks that should take minutes? Do you wish there was a way you could just simplify things? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you need to embrace National Simplify Your Life Week.

It happens during the first week of August, and we can’t think of a more opportune time to get rid of all the bulky, overly complex solutions (more like problems) at work that are a waste of time.

To show you just how simple call management can be, we want to tell you a little story about a businessman whose life is overrun with complicated processes. If his story seems all too familiar, then we have another story that will make you breathe a sigh of relief.

Man peering over cubicle wallByron and the Batty Bedlam

As the manager of inside sales for Billson Brothers Bats, Byron really wanted to know what was happening during his sales team’s phone calls. In order to find out, he started leaning against cubicles to eavesdrop on phone calls. He listened to what the sales reps were saying to make sure they were properly upselling the newest bat and being respectful to callers. But his system was flawed because he couldn’t hear the customers. Plus he broke a cubicle wall, so he needed a new method.

Byron had the bright idea to record his teams' calls. So he set up a tape recorder to catch every call his team made. Even though the recordings were pretty garbled and he could hear every water cooler conversation and key clack in the office, he couldn't think of a better solution. He listened closely to the reps’ conversations, trying to see if he could figure out if customers were saying anything bad about the company or mentioning a competitor.

Soon he began spending his entire workday listening to the recorded phone calls from beginning to end. Sometimes he’d play a recording once, then twice, then again for good measure, listening to every nuance in the rep’s voice.

But there were so many recordings he ended up working through the night just to finish them all. Without a way to figure out which recordings were important, he had to comb through every single one himself.

He started spending so much time at work that his family fell apart, he got robbed because his car was parked at the building so late, and he didn’t get any managerial work done for two months because he spent all his time listening to those phone calls. Don’t want to end up like Byron? Take a look at Sally’s story.

Sally and the Simplified Sales Solution

Sally also manages a sales team at Solomon Sisters Slingshots and wants to make sure everyone is saying all the right things on phone calls. She used to take Byron’s approaches, until she found speech-recognition technology to simplify her work life.

Woman reviewing a reportNow that she uses it, she simply selects the keywords that are important to her business ("thank you," "SlingShot Pro 2000," "helpful," "have a great day"). After picking these special words, the technology takes over. It automatically records all inbound and outbound phone calls and scans the recordings for the selected keywords. If a call contains one of the keywords, the recording is flagged so she knows exactly which calls to give more attention.

When Sally wants to check in on her team’s performance, she just look at the report with all the call recordings and listens to the calls that are flagged with keywords. By using this tool, she can better train employees and improve her team’s customer service.

Hopefully you can learn from Byron’s mistakes and Sally’s simple solution of speech-recognition technology. And if you’re looking for more ways to simplify your business, check out our post on how to fix your call handling mistakes.