Shark Week's Submarine Documentary: Good or Bad Marketing Strategy?

It's the most wonderful time of the year: Shark Week is here. At Who's Calling, we like to celebrate Shark Week by going on a group scuba dive in shark-infested waters.

Fierce great white shark breaking the surfaceJust kidding. But we can find room in the budget for that next year, right?

Actually, we celebrate Shark Week by watching all the shark attacks, documentaries and myth-busting we can handle.

This year, the Discovery Channel kicked off Shark Week with a documentary about a shark called Submarine (given the name because of its submarine-like size). About 13 seconds into the premiere, it was obvious it was a mockumentary (fake documentary).

There's no doubt that the mockumentary has generated tons of buzz. But it's not all good. Some viewers are outraged that the Discovery Channel would pawn it off as a real documentary by including references to real events. These folks are questioning the channel's credibility and are now boycotting it.

Others believe that Submarine is real and refuse to go in the water — even their pools, which are probably shark free. They blame Discovery Channel for informing them of the creatures beneath the surface.

But amid all the mixed reviews, there are the few, the proud, the entertained. Amused by the sheer irony of the Discovery Channel airing a fake documentary, a handful of people are applauding the humorous introduction to Shark Week.

So what do you think of Discovery Channel's decision to air a mockumentary? Generating buzz is a good way to get a lot of people talking about you, but would you risk tarnishing your reputation just to accomplish it? Tweet your answer to @whoscalling and let us know!