Marketing Philosophies According to 'Phil's-osophy'

"Dance until your feet hurt. Sing until your lungs hurt. Act until you're William Hurt." — Phil Dunphy

Phil reciting his Phil's-osophy about passion
Screen capture from ABC's Modern Family
Phil from the popular TV series Modern Family often spouts off interesting advice, known to fans as Phil's-osophy. Some of his famous quotes are confusing, but if you read them closely, you'll find there's actually some merit to them (especially for marketers).

For example, as a marketer, you should dance until your feet hurt — figuratively speaking, of course — by approaching every task with passion.

But being passionate about your campaigns isn't the only important marketing philosophy. Here are a few others (provided by Phil), along with some tips on how to carry them out.

"You only get one chance at a first impression. I suggest Julia Child, because it's easy to do. 'Save the giblets!' "

By suggesting an impersonation of Julia Child will help you make a good first impression, you might think Phil is off base. But if you read between the lines, you'll find an important piece of wisdom: You only get one chance at a first impression, so you have to make it a good one. From your first impression with your consumers to your last, deliver a consistent message. Your ideas can be unique without being bipolar.

Once you come up with some unique ideas, let them marinate a little to make sure they fit with your company's persona. If you're not sure whether your ideas are too "out there," think like Julia Child and save the giblets. Though at first your team members may not see the value in saving these leftovers (i.e., your crazy ideas), it doesn't mean you can't use them for a campaign down the road.

"If you love something, set it free. Unless it's a tiger."

Phil's right. If you own a tiger or see one at your local zoo, definitely don't set it free. Ever. But if you have some treasured marketing campaigns that just aren't working anymore, you can let them go. We know you love them and are justifying keeping them around by telling yourself that maybe they'll work again someday, but the odds are, if they haven't been pulling in leads for a while, they're probably outdated.

To figure out which campaigns are duds, keep track of your ads' performance. You can do this by assigning a unique toll-free number (TFN) to each of your campaigns. Call tracking software will help you record how many phone calls each campaign is generating, so you can easily calculate ROI. Once you've determined which campaigns aren't pulling their weight, you can focus on reallocating your budget to the ones that are bringing in leads. 

"When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like 'What?!' "

Phil giving his lemonade Phil's-osophy
Screen capture from ABC's Modern Family
If you pulled off this magic trick, we would also be like "What?!" But in all seriousness, you'll have to, once again, read between the lines. Phil's message is don't be predictable. You'll produce something way more interesting if you think outside the box and create something unexpected. You might even get some positive attention along the way. People tend to talk about an innovative company with new ideas.

To create the type of campaigns that make consumers sit up and take notice, take a look at your current campaigns. What do you (and your customers) like and dislike about each of them?

Then make notes on the best parts of each campaign and incorporate them into a new masterpiece. Also check out these tips for how to create the perfect campaign.

What other marketing philosophies (or should we say "Phil's-osophies"?) do you swear by? Let us know in the comments!