Three Slightly Crazy Alternatives to Downloading Our New App

Out of the office but don’t want to be out of the loop with your team, leads and customers? We’ve got an app for that.
Who's Calling's new RESCUE mobile app
Our RESCUE app helps you follow up on lost leads, review call activity and manage calls when you’re out of the office. It’s free if you are already a Who's Calling customer with RESCUE. (If you don't have RESCUE, get in touch and we'll tell you how you can get this feature.)

Even if you don't have RESCUE, you can use the Click To Talk dialer feature to track outbound calls. Pretty cool, right?

While we think our app is the best way to keep in touch with your leads and employees, we also recognize that there are some great alternative methods of management and communication out there.

Check out our reasons why some of these ideas might be crazy enough to work (but downloading our app might be a better choice). 

Carrier Pigeons 

When you’re away from the office and need to assign leads to an agent for follow-up, send a carrier pigeon! This communications tactic hasn’t been around since the 1920s, but who doesn’t love vintage? It's so in right now.
Carrier pigeon

Your employees can send the pigeon right back to you to notify you that they’re on the job! (It will arrive within at least 48 hours, depending on your location.) The feathers and poop may slightly interfere with your work environment, but it’s a small price to pay for keeping people in the loop.

Or… you could download our app. You can contact customers with the touch of a button, your employees can automatically update you when they’re making callbacks and you can assign leads to them within seconds for follow-up. You’ll be able to respond to leads more quickly than with the pigeon, but it’s definitely not as cool.

Robot Clone

Example of a robot cloneThis may sound a little out there, but hear us out. This mechanical masterpiece will definitely cost a bit more up front, but in the end, you’ll be twice as productive. If you need to leave the office for a few hours, you can simply place the robot clone in your office chair and switch it on. Your employees won’t even know the difference (though the Terminator voice might be suspicious).

It will answer your phone, take notes, analyze your reports, start a robot apocalypse and terrorize your staff. Not a win-win for everyone, but undeniably more efficient.

Granted, you could just go to iTunes or Google Play and download our mobile RESCUE app. With this technology, you can make notes on follow-up calls, review mishandled call details in real time and view reports and listen to calls from anywhere (and… you know, not destroy humanity as we know it).

An Intern

An intern
If robots don’t tickle your fancy, why not try some interns? Request that they eavesdrop on employee phone conversations and call you every 10 minutes with updates. (It’s a great learning experience for them on how to make friends and influence people in the workplace.)

Please note that you'll have to supply your posse of interns with copious amounts of caffeine beverages to keep up with the workload, but they'll get the job done.

Of course, once again, you could just download our new app on to your iPhone or Android. Seriously! You can have your calls routed to your smartphone, set up push notifications for mishandled calls and track outbound customer contact (even calls made from cellphones), without making your interns feel awkward.

Convinced our new RESCUE mobile app is a good idea? Good! Download it today! Hit up our support team after you download it to be sure your account is set to track your new mobile activity.