How to Fix Call Handling Mistakes Without Resetting Your Life

In the movie "Edge of Tomorrow," Tom Cruise has to reset his life every day until he solves a problem. Well, it got us wondering why we can't do the same with call handling. Then the answer came to us: It's because we're in real life, and resetting your days is impossible.

Fortunately, you can still solve phone service problems, just in a more realistic way. If you have several missed or mishandled calls each day, you don't have to reset your day to try to catch those lost leads. You can make a comeback with a call rescue product that utilizes live call evaluation professionals to review your calls. Here are two ways this product can help you recover lost leads.

Catch Missed Calls Immediately

Who's Calling RESCUE applicationHave you ever stepped away from your desk for a coffee refill to come back and find that you missed a call 10 minutes ago? Missing a call from a prospect can be detrimental, considering 72 percent of first-time callers who hang up won't call your business back.

You can receive missed call notifications immediately with a product like RESCUE. By calling leads back, you can reduce the chance that you'll lose them to competitors and also prove that you provide good service.

Fix Call Handling Errors

If your staff is mishandling calls, you could be losing a lot of business. In fact, companies that provide poor customer service are losing $75 billion to competitors. Don't add to that number. Improve your customer service to retain as much business as possible.

Find out exactly where your team needs to improve by having a team of call evaluation experts listen to your calls. They can then flag recordings that indicate a caller could use a little more TLC. This saves you time from having to review the calls yourself and will ultimately keep your customers happy.

For more information on how RESCUE can help your company, check out this post.