Why 'The Lego Movie' is a Content Marketing Work of Genius

Lego memeWe’re all familiar with Legos. Whether you have fond childhood memories of building masterpieces, or, as a parent, flashbacks of screaming in agony after stepping on one barefoot in the dark, these little colored blocks hold a special place in your heart.

That’s the great thing about "The Lego Movie." It understands that it has two audiences: kids and adults. In content marketing, knowing your audience is vital if you want to successfully get your message across.

Here’s why "The Lego Movie" was a content marketing work of genius.

 It Told a Fun Story

Some critics predicted that a movie entirely about Legos would feel like a 90-minute advertisement.  However, "The Lego Movie" did a good job of avoiding self-promotion and simply told an entertaining story with humor that evoked laughter from kids and adults.

Your content should do the same thing. Think outside the box and find a topic that's relevant to your target market without being too direct with your sales pitch. Remember: Your audience wants to be entertained, not lectured.

It Made a Connection With the Viewer

The movie wasn’t about Legos. It was about people. The story addressed deep issues that hit close to home with the audience. (Emmet, the main character, found himself torn between following instructions on how to live a happy life and wondering what really made him special.)

When writing marketing content, it’s important to relate to your audience. If they feel you understand their problems, they’ll trust you. But don't just gloss over their problems and sing "Everything Is Awesome!" (though it is a catchy tune). If they trust you, they’ll want to know more about how the product or service you’re selling can help them.

It Was Pretty Awesome Looking

"The Lego Movie" went the extra mile by investing in realistic animation and mind-blowing explosion effects. They know nothing’s more irritating for a parent than sitting through a fake-looking cartoon show with their kids.

The same is true for your content marketing. For your prospects to even begin wanting to read your content, they have to like what they see. Get them in the door with aesthetically pleasing visuals, and then blow their minds with your entertaining and thought-provoking content.

What other content marketing successes have you seen? Tell us about them in the comments!