People Aren't Reading Your Content, They're Scanning It

Wait a minute!

Don't skip this introduction like 38 percent of web readers do.

We have something important to tell you! It's about how many of your site visitors skim your content versus actually reading it word for word.

The Facts

People are in such a hurry to find the relevant information they're looking for that they often skip over the beginning of your content and only read 20 percent of your article.

The Good News

Studies find that people don't need to read your entire post to be willing to share it.

The Bad News

Only 1 out of 15 visitors can locate the information they're looking for if they cannot easily scan your content.

The Takeaway

Writing, concise, scannable and objective copy will result in a 124 percent better experience for your readers. Consider adding an easy-to-find call to action in your content. You can do this by including a Click To Talk button, a form to schedule a demo or a toll-free number.

Notice how scannable we made this post? You'll probably find that it helped you digest the information easier and more quickly. Read about more ways to appeal to web readers in our post "Three Ways to Reduce Irrelevant Web Traffic."