Five Marketing Practices You Need to Break up With This Valentine's Day

In every relationship, there are positive and negative aspects. It’s the same way with marketers and their marketing strategies. We've all been guilty at one time or another of needing to break up with some old tactics that have lost their original spark.

To help you get started, here are five marketing practices marketers should say sayonara to this Valentine’s Day.

Long-Winded Emails 

Prospects don't want to open an email with a catchy headline only to be greeted by a wall of text. Instead, edit down content so recipients can quickly scan and click on to a landing page with more information.

Corporate Speak 

When prospects are searching for information on a website or in an email, they don’t want to swim through corporate jargon to find out what a business can do for them. It’s more comfortable for you and the prospect if text is clear, concise and buzz-word free.

Empty Promises 

Marketers are understandably enthusiastic when talking about their products and services. But it’s important to not promise more than you can deliver to the customer. You might lose their trust and develop a poor reputation. Instead, be upfront and honest about what your business can do by focusing on key features and pressure points that they lessen for prospects.

Too Many Emails 

When it comes to emails, marketers need to remember that it is about quality, not quantity. Emails with smarter, more segmented content will usually get a better response rate than multiple generic emails.

Lack of Call Tracking Analytics 

Love is blind, but marketers' call analytics shouldn't be.

Call tracking can help you determine which signals are generating a positive response, strengthen your relationship with prospects and customers, learn from your mistakes and optimize your online and offline marketing strategy for awesomeness.

Take the opportunity this Valentine's Day to get the spark back into your marketing campaigns by trading out some of these old tactics for a new strategy. Start by checking out our call tracking services.