Three Ways Tracking Calls Is Like Being on 'Bigfoot Bounty'

Bigfoot on phoneImagine this. You’re an expert tracker of drugs, poachers, etc. (take your pick!), and you’ve just undertaken a new mission: to capture Bigfoot. Your reward for hunting down Sasquatch is $10 million of cold, hard cash. The catch? You’re up against nine other teams of expert trackers. And your every move is being filmed.

This is exactly what the contestants on Spike’s new TV show "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty" have signed up to do.

While your job may not be as enthralling as finding the long-sought-after Bigfoot, as a marketer you still do some tracking on a daily basis. And if your business’s best leads come in the form of phone calls, you face challenges similar to the ones the "Bigfoot Bounty" trackers encounter.

Don't believe us? Keep reading.

You Have to Do Some Groundwork

On "Bigfoot Bounty," the trackers set expert traps, like the one in Episode 2: a trip wire leading to a flash grenade. This is the groundwork for their big capture. If your goal as a marketer is to bring in high-quality phone leads, you'll need to do a little groundwork yourself to avoid being the marketing equivalent of a tracker who wanders around the woods hoping for a chance encounter with Bigfoot.

Tip: Get in the habit of assigning unique toll-free numbers to each lead source. If you use the same number for all your marketing materials, you might get calls, but you won't be able to identify which mediums generated the calls.

You Need to Check Your Traps

What would happen if the "Bigfoot Bounty" trackers laid their traps and never checked them? The traps wouldn't be much good, would they? The same is true for call tracking. Once you've assigned tracking numbers to your campaigns, it's crucial to go back and check to see if your campaigns got any bites.

Tip: To make things easier on yourself, log into your call tracking interface and set up a report that gives you your desired metrics, such as the total number of calls received by campaign, total number of calls received by media type or the percentage of total calls a certain media type generates. If your call tracking provider gives you the option to have the report emailed to you at predefined intervals, you won't even have to remember to run the report every day, week or month.

You're Competing Against People Like You

"Bigfoot Bounty" challenges the trackers' expertise in a new way, because they're up against other experts who use different tactics. In the same way, you're going up against other marketers to capture high-quality phone leads that ultimately convert to customers.

Tip: Keep tabs on your competitors' marketing strategies. What tactics do they use that you don't? Do they use some of the same strategies but execute them differently? Stay on their trail by bookmarking their websites, subscribing to their blogs, checking in on their social media accounts and setting up a Google Alert for their names. To see what callers are saying about your competition, use voice-recognition software to scan your phone calls for competitor names.

Call tracking sometimes feels like you're on the prowl for Bigfoot, but it doesn't have to. With the right tools and a good strategy, you can make your capture. Happy hunting!