How Call Tracking Can Improve Admissions Office Efficiency

Each day, higher education admissions offices receive hundreds of phone calls regarding dozens of topics. Sometimes it's the mother of a soon-to-be student, and other times it's the prospective student himself. Either way, a caller should be treated as a priority. A call tracking program such as Who's Calling can help you accomplish that. Here's how.

Evaluate Phone Staff

With the ability to record and listen to phone calls, you'll be able to determine whether your phone staff is handling calls in a professional manner. Call tracking software allows you to play back call recordings immediately, so any issues can be dealt with right away. Not only that, but you will also be able to use the call recordings to train staff on how to handle phone calls correctly (or how not to handle phone calls).

Note the Topic of Each Call

Degree plans and transcripts and class sizes, oh my! It's hard to keep track of every topic that comes up during the hundreds of phone calls your staff receives each day. Call tracking software allows your admissions employees to make notes of the main topic of each call. You can then sort the call recordings by subject and figure out which ones are most important to parents, students and post-grads.

Track the Success of Each Ad Campaign

One of the benefits of call tracking is being able to identify which calls come from which advertisements. When prospective students call wanting more information about the school, it would be nice to know how they got in touch with you. Are your social media efforts the most relevant, or are your huge billboards (literally) paying off? Call tracking lets you know who is calling, where they are calling from and how/where they got your phone number, so you'll know what marketing efforts are hitting the bulls-eye and which ones aren't even hitting the board.