Does Your Business Have Two Faces?

Businesses often sport two faces: the one you see online and the one you talk to on the phone.

woman holding maskWhen Two-Face, the comic book super villain that spices up Gotham City from time to time, flips his coin, you never know which side it will land on.

While this makes for an exciting plot twist for readers, when businesses pull the same stunt with their poor phone service, leads are thrown for a loop that sends them flying into the arms of the competition.

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

Initially consumers in the early stages of their research are won over by what they see on your site. Then they hit your Click To Talk button and connect with a business that bears your name but doesn't resemble the face they've come to know and love online.

You shuffle them haphazardly into a phone tree of never-ending transfers. They're confused. What happened? They loved you. They wanted you. In return, you delivered them a completely different type of service from the one they experienced online. They thought they knew you. They were wrong.

You need to remember this: The prospects that call your company are not your run-of-the-mill leads. These callers are far more valuable.

frustrated man at laptopA recent study by the Corporate Executive Board reported that customers reach out to businesses by phone when they are 57 percent of the way through the decision-making process. This means that the people who call your business like what they've read about you online and are nearly ready to seal the deal. That is, if you don't fumble the lead with your poor phone service. To avoid appearing two-faced, here are some tips you should follow.

Quickly Get the Call to the Right Rep

When a prospect calls your business, don't waste their time by requiring them to speak to multiple people before reaching the one that can actually answer their questions. Instead, simplify your call handling process by creating a customized phone menu with intelligent call routing options so you can quickly close the sale.

Listen in on Calls

You can't see the face of your company clearly unless you're looking into a mirror. Recording and listening to your staff's phone calls and letting your employees evaluate their own calls is a great way to identify what type of phone service your leads are experiencing. If what you hear doesn't match how you present your business online, train your employees on the correct way to converse with leads.  

Rescue Mishandled Calls

Two wrongs don't make a right, so it's vital that you don't mishandle a lead and fail to call them back to correct what went wrong. Invest in a call tracking company that sends you mishandled call notifications by text and email so you can see when one of your staff members showed their ugly side and potentially missed an opportunity.

You don't want prospects to compare your business to a psycho Batman villain, and neither do we. Make sure you're putting your best face forward both online and offline by investing in some call tracking tools.