Facebook Hashtags Are Finally Here

Last Wednesday Facebook jumped on the hashtag train, five years after Twitter began using the nifty little guys. A small percentage of Facebook users are now able to use hashtags, which are both clickable and searchable, and more users will be able to hashtag it up in the coming weeks.

Facebook explained that it decided to join this social media trend in order to create “a simple way to see the larger view of what’s happening or what people are talking about.” Users will be able to search for hashtags using the Facebook search bar, click on hashtags from other sites and even add hashtags to Facebook ads.

This is #excitingnews for marketers since hashtags will allow you to connect your promotions across social media platforms. According to an article by webpronews.com, the best part about Facebook hashtags is that it takes something marketers are already using and magnifies it by utilizing Facebook’s huge user database.