Google AdWords: Are You Doing It Right?

You initially started using AdWords as an easy way to expand your online ad reach. But you soon discovered that what appeared to be a simple task became more challenging when you realized that you only had 130 visible characters  to entice an ad click. (That’s less than a tweet!)

With any given search, there are tons of ads competing for space. If you want to be competitive, you have to stand out. So how do you make your ad stand out?

Here are some recommendations from PPC Hero.

Choose Keywords Carefully

The keywords you use in your ad need to be relevant to a consumer's search and should match the terms potential customers would use to find your products or services. (To help you identify relevant keywords, we recommend using an online ad tracking solution like ClickPath.)

Make Your End Goal Clear

Your ad should reflect your conversion goal whether it is completing a sale or generating a lead. Include a strong call to action in your text that tells the customer what you want them to do once they click on your ad.

Build a Good Landing Page

When a potential customer clicks on your ad your landing page is their first impression of your business. If your landing page is bad, you are less likely to achieve your conversion goal. Your landing page should live up to the expectations generated by your ad.

Use the Available Settings to Your Advantage

The settings in AdWords allow you to specify when, where, how, how often and which of your ads are shown. Tailoring the settings to your needs instead of using the defaults should bring in more clicks and conversions.

You can find more tips and ideas on writing an effective AdWords ad here.