Three Secrets You Can Discover by Scanning Your Calls for Keywords

You may already be tracking which marketing campaigns are generating the most calls for your business, but are you evaluating offline communications as well? If not, you may be missing out on the opportunity to uncover some juicy information in your sales calls.

Don’t have time to listen to your calls? That’s understandable. You’re trying to run a business!

If you’re running short on time, try using an intelligent speech-recognition tool, such as RECOGNIZE by Who's Calling, that scans calls for the keywords you define, displays the results in a report and gives you the option to listen to full call recordings for context.

Here are a few secrets you'll discover by searching call content for keywords.

What Motivates Prospects to Call

Wouldn’t you love to know what prospective leads are specifically discussing with your staff when they call? Gathering this type of information can help you tailor your future ads around a popular product feature or consumer pain point that you hear callers drop repeatedly.

Which Content Customers Need

Product-based customer service teams often field support questions from customers whenever new updates or features are released. If you scan inbound calls for a pattern of support questions that your team is being flooded with, you can spot opportunities to create customer-focused content in the form of tutorial videos and white papers, allowing your customers to get their questions answered without having to contact a support representative.

Where the Competition Is Failing

We all love to hear callers say, "I am currently a [insert competitor name here] client, but am unsatisfied with [insert competitor’s shortcoming]." Scanning inbound calls for competitive keywords gives you insight into what their customers are unsatisfied with. Using this information, you can create campaigns that target the competition’s weakness and highlight how your company has the better solution.

Scanning for keywords can help you focus your customer service support, reel in your prospective customers and outsmart the competition.