The Number One PPC Conversion You're Forgetting to Track

When you add a new keyword to your PPC campaign, do you experience a slight rush while anticipating its performance? You’re not alone.

Keyword optimization is a game every webmaster is playing to win, and the reward is a top-ranking ad spot on Google. However, getting searchers to click your ad is where the strategy comes into play.

You design an inviting PPC ad.

You bid on relevant keywords.

You see that your keywords have too many impressions and not enough clicks.

So you make your keywords more specific.

You then receive a low traffic notification.

The trial and error goes back and forth until finally you optimize your bidding strategy and achieve a high click-through rate (CTR). You feel confident that all your online advertising efforts aren’t going to waste — or are they?

We’re not suggesting that a high CTR isn’t an important part of your online strategy. In fact, obtaining this goal means that your keywords have found a sweet spot coveted by many.

But consider this: What if your company’s sales are not completed online? The plot thickens.

Let us explain. Pretend for a moment that you operate a rehabilitation center. When potential customers browse your website, they’re most likely not going to sign up for treatment online without calling and asking more questions. This means that you cannot depend on CTR-based metrics alone to gauge if your online strategy is successful. You need to link online activity to offline purchases.

This is why call tracking is vital to businesses that view phone calls as extremely valuable to their success. To gain insight into which keywords and ads are generating a high volume of calls for your business, try using a Web analytics tool such as ClickPath. ClickPath dynamically inserts a toll-free number on your website, linking call data to the keywords a visitor searched for and the ads they clicked on.

If your company falls into the high-consideration category, then phone calls are a crucial component of determining ROI. If you’re only measuring your PPC campaigns’ success by its CTR when phone calls are where your sales are actually being completed, it’s time to track your calls.