Keywords: The Key to Successful SEO

Search is the number one driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by 300 percent.

So, while leveraging Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest may be the current hot topic, marketing experts such as Practical Ecommerce, Hubspot and Search Engine Land are still offering foundational SEO recommendations to drive more traffic and convert more site visitors in 2013. Most of their advice centers around last year’s major SEO concern: keyword optimization.

Their tips for online marketers include:
  • Checking analytics to determine which keywords are driving organic search traffic
  • Refreshing keyword research to reflect what visitors are searching for
  • Examining which keywords result in conversions

We couldn’t agree more with their suggestions. In fact, one of our customers, TSI, grew its business by 75 percent and reduced its marketing costs by 30 percent one year after implementing ClickPath to help optimize its keywords.

If you are joining the thousands of marketers planning to engage in keyword optimization this year, consider using a tool that makes your job easier.