Three Marketing Challenges and How Call Tracking Can Solve Them

Marketers understand that the first step toward overcoming challenges is identifying them. However, it can be difficult to recognize what hurdles you need to clear without an understanding of how your business is currently performing. We’ve identified three challenges that marketers face and how using call tracking solutions can help you conquer them.

Problem 1: Targeting Quality Leads

Facebook boasts more than two billion users, and there are 330 million active Twitter users. Needless to say, the world has never been more connected. Marketers swoon at the goldmine of potential leads within reach. The challenge comes down to identifying your target audience and acquiring quality leads.

Solution: Learn from the past.

One of the best ways to determine who your target audience consists of is to identify who your current customers are. Examine what your current customers value, how they heard about your business and what made them choose you over your competition. This information will help you send an effective marketing message to the right audience.

It’s also important to gather information about the calls coming into your business. Call tracking providers such as Who’s Calling can help you generate and manage leads by capturing and recording caller data.

Problem 2: Standing Out

Consumers have adapted to information overload by blocking out extraneous marketing messages that don’t impact them. In today’s market, simply saying that your company outperforms your competitors won’t cut it.

Solution: Identify which methods are working.

To catch a consumer’s attention, marketers must develop concise selling points for their business. Stand out by focusing on how your company will increase a consumer’s bottom line, improve their lives, make a difference, etc. It also helps to get a feel for which ads are getting a response. Call tracking services not only capture call data but also help show you which marketing efforts are generating leads.

Problem 3: Demonstrating ROI

When it comes to business, profit reigns. Marketers know that their front-end efforts can be difficult to justify because of their high expense and uncertain return.

Solution: Pinpoint benefits.

Because call tracking services show you which campaigns are generating sales and ultimately revenue for your business, you can justify and improve your marketing effectiveness. Cut out ads that aren’t working and invest in the ones that are bringing in quality leads.