TFNs and Why You Need Them

When it comes to advertising, any successful business knows that quantity does not top quality. When you take a shot in the dark with an ad campaign, you are more likely to shoot yourself in the foot rather than hit your target. In order to make the most effective use of your budget, you need to know when an ad has hit the bull’s-eye.

The key to successful marketing lies in placing the right set of tools at your disposal. If you seek a cost-effective way to not only measure but also improve your marketing efforts, toll-free numbers (TFNs) are a great tool to have at your disposal.

Here are five reasons to use TFNs:
  1. Availability. The placement potential of TFNs span across all marketing channels. Adding a TFN to a website, promo item or anything in between gives potential leads a convenient and cost-free way to contact your business.
  2. Convenience. Remembering a full 10-digit phone number is a rare ability in today’s world, but by using a creative vanity TFN, even the most forgetful consumer can quickly recall your contact information. If a potential lead is going to call your business, the first step they must take is remembering what number to dial. By fostering higher call volume, TFNs promise to increase sales volume as well.
  3. Credibility. Having a toll-free number implies that your business receives a high volume of callers and has taken the steps necessary to accommodate your callers. By using a TFN, you will make an impression of professionalism on anyone who comes across it.
  4. Consistency. Whether you’re changing the location of your offices or the provider of your phone service, your TFN will remain the same so you won’t lose a single caller or need to alter any of your ad campaign material.
  5. Marketing. A great way to shed some light on your campaigns’ effectiveness is by using TFNs. By assigning a TFN to each campaign, you can measure and record consumer responses to your specific marketing efforts and determine if each campaign is pulling its own weight by generating a profitable ROI.
Take our advice — if you aren’t already using TFNs to target your marketing campaigns, start. TFNs will help you shed the blindfold and see the light.