Migrating to Mobile

Regardless of the operating system your phone runs on, the increase of mobile users is great news for marketers. As phones continue to increase in both complexity and utility, the potential for mobile devices as a marketing medium grows. Mobile phones are a platform that rarely leaves the presence of the target audience and thus presents a tantalizing opportunity for marketers.

Mobile Email and Media Trends

Mobile devices have begun to edge out other forms of marketing media, such as newspapers, magazines and even PCs. Last year, email opened from a mobile device increased by 34 percent, while opens on webmail and PCs decreased by 11 percent and 9.5 percent. Research also shows that adults spend more time viewing media on mobile devices than on newspapers and magazines combined.

Mobile Shopping Trends

Smartphones are also becoming widely used shopping aids. 79 percent of smartphone users use their phones to help them shop, and 74 percent make a purchase as a result. Consumers use mobile apps like Amazon Mobile, Google Shopper and Coupon Sherpa to compare prices, find discounts and read reviews while shopping in-store.

Marketers from all industries should start asking themselves how they plan to adapt to mobile trends and avoid missing sales opportunities.

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