The Secret to Effective Call Management

Companies that respond to customer queries within the hour are seven times more likely to qualify leads. Doesn’t sound too hard, right? Then why is it that only 37 percent of businesses meet this challenge? The truth is businesses miss calls, or worse, mishandle them frequently.

You know this. You see it every day. So what can you do about it?

There’s a simple solution. Record your calls. You’ll be able to listen in on your inbound and outbound calls and hear when that one salesperson is telling prospects that your top-selling items are “not that great” or when a caller on hold just can’t take the elevator music anymore.

But while recording calls solves the issues mentioned above, you’ll soon discover that you have a new problem. You’re rarely at your desk for more than 10 consecutive minutes and you really don’t have time to listen to all those calls.

Hiring a team of professionals to listen to your call recordings and notify you by text or email when a call has gone awry may be a good solution for you. RESCUE by Who’s Calling provides this service and recently added the capability to listen to call recordings on mobile devices.

Problem solved!