The Debate: Internet Media Versus Traditional Media

Internet media has taken the world by storm, capturing consumer attention and opening up a whole new realm of marketing possibilities. Many marketers wonder whether traditional marketing efforts like television and print advertisements are worthwhile or merely a waste of resources.

A recent article by eMarketer featuring research by Triton Digital, a digital service provider for online and traditional radio, may provide insight into this debate.

When a survey group was asked which media source they trust most for news and information, the Internet surprisingly came in fourth, with only 10 percent of responders saying they view it as an accurate source. Out of those surveyed, 45 percent trust television the most as an accurate news source, followed by print and then radio.

Does this mean that online campaigns should take a back seat to traditional advertising?
Not necessarily.

Responders were also asked which media source most influenced their buying decisions. Of those surveyed, 61 percent said that they turned to the Internet for product research and recommendations once they had decided to make a purchase.

When traditional media sparks a consumer’s desire for a specific product, that desire can be fueled with online reaffirmation. Investments in both traditional and online mediums can provide the right balance to get your consumer from the consideration stage to the purchase stage. Analytics tools such as ClickPath can help you determine how to invest your marketing budget wisely.

To see the full article by eMarketer, click here.