Putting the Ball in Your Consumer’s Court

Ads have come a long way from a simple sign saying “Eat at Joe’s.”

Audiences today expect not only to hear what a product does but also to be entertained and intrigued by ad campaigns. As we all know, if an ad fails to provide anything of interest, it will quickly be forgotten.

Ad agency BBDO understands the concept of innovative advertising well, as shown by a publicity stunt it put on for the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive in Frankfurt, Germany.

While Smart cars are known for being eco-friendly, gas efficient and space conscious, they’re not necessarily considered fun. In order to demonstrate the Smart car’s quick responsiveness, two Smart cars were set up as controllers for digital cars on a giant screen. Participants drove their cars back and forth to play Pong with a creative twist.

The stunt was very effective for the following reasons:

  • It allowed people to experience the product.
  • The demonstration showcased the car’s responsiveness.
  • The stunt resulted in free advertising through word of mouth and media coverage.

See the “Smart eBall” game for yourself here!