Get Real-Time Access to Call-Generated Lead Data

Who’s Calling offers an exciting desktop application called REACT that changes the way Who’s Calling clients fully utilize their call tracking services.

With REACT, clients can efficiently and effectively measure and immediately respond to live calls without ever having to log into their Who’s Calling product website. Clients can monitor in real-time their incoming and outgoing call traffic, update lead details and listen to call recordings while calls are in progress without opening a new browser or logging into the Who’s Calling application.

“REACT will truly enhance the way our clients track and manage lead traffic while providing them an efficient tool to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty,” said Suzanna Hellinger, Product Development Manager.

With REACT, clients can better track which of their campaigns are generating leads and which of their employees are making outbound calls using an outbound dialing number or using their Click-to-Call feature. The Who’s Calling application syncs immediately with REACT so call detail information will always be up-to-date and accurate.

Never miss another lead with REACT.

Check out REACT here to find out more information.