Tracking Online Sales - Learn How At the Internet Retailer Conference

Every year e-commerce continues to become more prominent. When consumers were first offered the ability to buy online, they were new to computers and the internet and they weren't sure if they trusted giving their credit card information over the computer. As online security has increased, so has the number of online consumers.

The idea of optimizing business for the e-commerce boom is the conference agenda for the Internet Retailers Conference & Expo this July in San Diego, CA. The conference will lay out strategies for marketing and selling to web-centric consumers. ClickPath will be on hand at booth #1839 to demonstrate how ClickPath’s pay per click (PPC) call tracking solution is a key to optimizing PPC advertising for the new wave of online consumers.

The importance of ClickPath to online retailers revolves around search engine marketing. The main tool consumers use for shopping online is their favorite search engine. They simply search for an item and find the best deal. So as e-commerce increases, so does the value and importance of your keywords. Knowing which keywords are driving consumers to your site is an advantage that businesses can not afford to miss. In addition to knowing which keywords are working, it’s equally beneficial to know which keywords are not working.

The key to optimizing PPC advertising is to utilize a pay per click call tracking solution that can trace a phone call back to the keyword that started the sale. This is the patent pending technology behind ClickPath and the information it provides is invaluable towards optimizing your PPC budget.

Please join us in San Diego, CA for the 2011 Internet Retailer Conference, June 14-17 at the San Diego Convention Center. Click here for more information about the Internet Retailer Conference.

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