We've Got Your Number

Thought you were already using Toll-Free Numbers (TFNs) everywhere you could be?

Think again. Here are additional ways in which your advertising can benefit from your TFNs, besides call recording and call tracking.

VIP Treatment – Your customer is your most valuable asset. After the sale, give them a “gold card” with a number that rings directly to the manager. At any time, should they ever feel they are not receiving the best customer service; the manager will handle the matter personally.

CSI Tool – Create a number specific for customer suggestions or complaints to ensure immediate response and action when these calls come in.

Referrals – Give a special number to existing customers and discover how many referrals you receive from satisfied customers.

Recruitment Ads – A great way to ‘pre–screen’ prospective employees is to review their initial interest call.

Business Cards – Assign a unique TFN to each sales representative so prospects can reach them directly.

Yellow Pages – Feel like you spend a lot of money on your Yellow Page ads? Find out which books are really performing for you by placing a TFN in each ad.

Newspaper Ads – Different types of ads work better in different ways. Find out whether your liner ads are performing better than your display ads (or vice versa), which days generate higher call volumes for each, and more.

Internet Ads/Sites – With so many websites and internet promotions available, it’s hard to know what really drives the traffic, but with a TFN you know exactly which ones are the most beneficial.

Promotional Items – Place a unique TFN on all promotional items and use these as a form of advertisement.

Outbound Email – When prospects are ready to take the next step and get more information, they will usually pick up the phone, even when responding to an email. Be sure to place a TFN in all communications, including electronic media.