Call Evaluation Made Simple With RESCUE

It is proven that evaluating your service and sales agents is an effective way to improve their performance. Additionally, effective call evaluation procedures can capture missed or lost opportunities due to improperly handled call interactions. But who has the time or training to do all that?

To solve that problem, Who’s Calling launched RESCUE, a product developed specifically for dealers to handle the process of sales and service call analysis in order to efficiently and effectively identify mishandled opportunities. This process will enable dealers to recapture lost leads which will help reclaim lost revenue.

The key to RESCUE is our call evaluation professionals that will listen and monitor your calls. They are highly trained in dealership operations and have the skills and the knowledge to identify ineffective call handling immediately, providing you with ways to train and evaluate your staff like never before.

“By listening to customer feedback, we learned of a growing need for a product that could help hold sales and service staffs accountable in order to minimize inefficient call handling and increase revenue” said Craig Watts, Manager of Client Support. “And the easiest way for dealers to increase revenue is by effectively handling the customer calls that are already coming in.”

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